HCI Corporate Membership

Sample Content

HCI’s Solution Suites are exclusive collections of content based on an organization’s talent management challenge and solution. In each suite we learn the “what” through a keynote video and an executive summary, the “why” through interviews with the executive, and the “how” through tools and templates. The combination of these assets provides our Corporate Members with actionable insights, processes, and recommendations for how to embark upon important talent management initiatives and transformations in their organizations.

See how Adobe killed the Performance Review in the below example:

Sample Insights

  • The pros and cons of the stack ranking approach to performance management.
  • Cost v. benefit analysis of the traditional annual performance review process.
  • How to crowd-source ideas from employees when designing a performance management framework and get them engaged in the change.
  • How Adobe enables managers to make compensation decisions without annual performance reviews.
  • Simple frameworks for managing major organizational changes
  • A new approach to managing performance—the Adobe “Check-in.”

Sample Tools & Templates

  • Laminated Learning Reference Cards to help managers and employees conduct successful Check-in discussions.
  • Guidelines and templates to help employees and managers Set Expectations, Give/Receive Feedback, and plan for future Growth and Development.
  • Guidelines to enable managers to make good compensation decisions and communicate them to employees effectively.