HCI Corporate Membership

Solve Problems and Implement New Ideas

The HCI Corporate Membership provides access to thousands of best practices and new insights from leading companies and thought leaders in every Human Capital issue area, from workforce planning through recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, alignment, engagement, development, succession and retention. Dozens more are created every year. Every piece of content reserved for Corporate Members is hand selected according to whether it will help them choose a different strategy than they otherwise would have, or improve their ability to implement a practical idea.

The HCI Model: Bringing the Best to Life

HCI uncovers the best ideas, insights, and practices through our Open Source aggregation strategy, we curate the best content from wherever it was created, and we make it available to our Corporate Members in flexible, modern and cost-effective ways.

Sample Questions Addressed by HCI Corporate Membership

  • How can I anticipate the workforce I need three years from now?
  • How can I make scenario planning more effective?
  • Should I reorganize my HR function?
  • Which human capital metrics should I focus on?
  • How can I create and maintain a global talent brand?
  • How can I better use technology to source candidates?
  • How can I affordably, scalably develop 5,000 middle managers?
  • Which social technologies best enable learning?
  • What does best-practice global performance management look like?