Mobilizing and Developing Key Talent through Innovations in Personality Type


Traditional thinking on personality type in organizations has left gaps in employee development and retention. Mobilizing key talent through personality type is often a process that leaves much to be desired, resulting in a company-wide desire for more.
Innovations in the developmental side of personality type allow you to move beyond self-awareness and into more meaningful and impactful insight. Mobilizing talent through personality development enables employees and leaders to be more agile and flexible in reaching their performance goals. This new foundation provides opportunity for not only development but also integration within and beyond an individual’s existing profile of skills and competencies, providing never before seen developmental opportunities with personality type.
Leveraging this new development provides a more meaningful assessment experience for your employees and leaders. It also provides them with deeper insight into how they are operating, ways to utilize their strengths, shore up any weaknesses, manage the differences, and integrate other skills and competencies into a balanced portfolio of functioning.
In this session, you will learn: 

  • The fundamentals of a new approach to personality type
  • How to leverage this new understanding of personality type in your organization
  • How to integrate this new framework with Emotional Intelligence competencies
  • Best practices for retaining and developing key talent with personality type



Dr. Roger Pearman

Researcher, Writer, Coach and Founder of Leadership Performance Systems and