Winning the Race for Talent: Using Learning and Leadership Development to Drive Performance, Engagement, and Retention


In the current complex and unpredictable global business environment driven by economics, technology and geopolitical conditions, business leaders can no longer rely solely on the deployment of capital and resources to achieve business goals. To maintain a competitive edge and overcome obstacles, they must adopt talent as the currency of the Human Age. Today, talent has become one of the most important competitive differentiators.
And rather than working their way up the corporate ladder, top talent is more often looking for jobs that enable them to develop their skills and increase their value in a future role, as discovered in a recently completed study by Right Management. Companies can, therefore, significantly increase employee engagement and reduce turnover by focusing on management strategies that provide clear avenues for growth and prioritize employee development. Managers need to shift from the old corporate culture that emphasized seniority and time-served, to one that aligns better with employees’ near-term development goals. If not, organizations will find it difficult to attract and retain talent going forward and thusly, fail to meet business goals and expectations or worse.  
Enter Adobe. Known for its industry-leading, innovative products and technology, Adobe requires talent that is constantly learning and growing in order to surpass the expectations of the market and its clients.  Join us to learn how Adobe attracts and retains employees through a learning-centered culture while developing current and future leaders in alignment with business goals. Listen as the challenges of global scalability and different levels of development are examined and overcome.
Session Learning Objectives:

  • Get updated on what today’s talent want from an employer and a career.
  • Learn how Adobe’s Leading@Adobe program is shaping leaders at all levels of the organization to drive performance, engagement, and retention.
  • Understand how the partnership between senior leaders and the development organization can effectively drive leadership at scale.

Workplace Application:

  • Create a culture of learning so that employees are driven to achieve their potential and take their career anywhere they want it to go.
  • Drive innovative thinking, engagement and results through continuous learning.
  • Develop a scalable learning environment that enables employees to learn anytime and anywhere.


Susan Rusconi

Head of Leadership Development, Adobe Systems

Tricia La Marca

Regional Vice President, Right Management