Accelerating Development for the Next Generation of Leaders


Strategic Challenge:
According to Bersin by Deloitte, 10,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age every day. What’s the status of your leadership pipeline? As a generation retires, it puts Millennials who often have little to no actual leadership experience, in charge before they are ready. Can this critical group of future leaders succeed without the needed experience, training, development and coaching?
As leadership and talent development professionals we know:

  • Individuals will be placed in leadership roles earlier in their career and before they are ready
  • Speed to productivity and minimization of team disruption is critical to business results
  • Lack of career opportunities is one of the main reasons Millennials leave a company

What we are doing at Allstate Claims to face the challenge head on:
The Allstate Claims division has approximately 15,000 employees, and the Baby Boomer retirement challenge is very prevalent within our Business Unit. With senior leader buy-in, we successfully developed and deployed an accelerated development program for future leaders. We used an effective approach of combining the 70:20:10 development model with a safe learning environment as a way to ensure sustainability. With immediate ROI, the program is already paying dividends.
You will learn:

  • Ideas on how to create a leadership development experience that truly engages the way Millennials want to learn
  • Benchmarking on how to harness the power of feedback and coaching in leadership development
  • How to effectively use a simulation to ramp up speed to leadership competency and create more self-aware leaders, at a critical point in their leadership journey


Linh Lawler

Claims Talent & Leadership Strategy, Allstate Insurance Company