Recruiting and Sourcing's Dirty Little Secret to Success: Don’t Lose Candidates


We hear it all the time: innovation and vision drive talent success. But when it comes to competing for talent, a fundamental rule still applies: winning means not losing.
Countless organizations pour time and money into sourcing strategies and tactics, with varying degrees of success. New technology and data techniques have provided us with valuable insights into sourcing, but the conclusion is that even the very best of organizations, with terrific sourcing success, continue to waste up to 80% of the fruits of their labor.
The journey from initial contact, through the candidate engagement process, selection, hiring and onboarding is long, and full of pitfalls. A confusing sign-in process on the career page, a rude front desk greeting at the interview site, a lack of response to an application—any of these moments of truth in the candidate journey can undermine the entire process.
In this workshop, Randstad Sourceright experts take you on a tour of the candidate journey through the hiring processes of several world-class companies. We will see how, even in the most advanced companies with best-in-class recruiting strategies, there is always room to improve.
You will learn how to spot the pitfalls, what to do about them and how to revisit your own process with a fresh perspective. This is a great chance to gain practical insight that can help you retain candidates, improve your talent pipeline and protect your recruiting investment.


James Foley

Senior Director, Employer Brand, Randstad Sourceright

Jason Roberts

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Standardization, Randstad Sourceright