Continuous Action: Isn’t That Better Than Just Listening?


Increasingly, organizations are gathering more feedback from employees than ever before.  Continuous and active listening through various channels is becoming more common – which we believe is good.  However, the value of this perpetual pursuit of data becomes limited if it isn’t readily understood, relevant to the business or acted upon.  Taking a less than thoughtful approach to continuous listening, collecting more frequent feedback could end up hurting your engagement and work experience efforts instead of helping.  However, despite this risk, many are falling into the trap of generating a lot of data with limited insights and little-to-no action just because technology has made it easier to capture and report data.
PwC’s research shows that the true, economic impact of an engagement program is driven by actively managing engagement and taking action on employee feedback.  Yet the tools, resources, and processes that support managers with this effort have not evolved.  Simply put, action planning has not kept pace with the advancements in data collection and reporting approaches.
It is time to rethink and change how organizations activate and sustain employee engagement across the organization.  We see the need for a fundamental shift in how managers are involved and supported to bridge this emerging gap.  This can be done with what PwC calls continuous action™.
Join PwC in this thought provoking workshop where you will learn how to turn your employee research and continuous listening efforts into continuous action across your organization. 
This workshop will include a variety of interactive activities that will facilitate your learning, discover how to:

  • Develop an action oriented continuous listening approach
  • Align and use technology in an effective way to generate insights leading to action
  • Focus leadership on consistency vs. “big bang” approach to action planning
  • Focus managers on the things they can influence on a daily basis
  • Move managers beyond simply thinking about survey results and data to activating team engagement every day


Robert Tate

Managing Director, PwC

Jeffrey Jolton

Managing Director, PwC

Dylan Galaty

Director, People Analytics, PwC