Engaging Leaders. Leading Engagement.


Leaders, and leadership, are at the core of any successful engagement strategy.  Without a doubt utilizing the right technology, survey content, analytics, and post-survey follow through are important to success.  But without the full support of senior leaders in the organization, and their leadership on critical issues throughout the organization, your survey program can’t transform the organization. 
In this workshop we will discuss how to engage your leaders in the survey process, from providing the data they need to make critical decisions, to becoming a strategic partner to senior leaders in your company, and finally understanding why the engagement of your top leaders is critical to your organization’s success.
The workshop will help you:

  • Understand the importance of high levels of engagement in your leadership team, and how that impacts strategy, culture, and employee engagement
  • Become a strategic survey partner to your leaders, and provide the insights they need to make critical business decisions
  • Engage your leadership in the survey process, and help them understand the role they play in driving engagement in the organization


Sarah Johnson, Ph.D.

Executive Consultant and Author

Jack Morehouse

COO & Executive Vice President, Perceptyx, Inc.