What Happens When Leaders Walk the Talk


What leaders say is far less important than what they do. When leaders actively support more sustainable ways of working, the result is a significant positive impact on employees’ engagement, stress levels, retention, and job satisfaction. When leaders model in their own behavior sustainable ways of working, the effect on those they lead is far greater.
What happens when leaders intentionally meet their employees’ four core needs: renewal (physical), value (emotional), focus (mental), and meaning and purpose (spiritual)?  Are your leaders thinking about what their employees are feeling or how meeting their needs influences their productivity? How can leaders continually challenge their people to push beyond their current comfort zones, while nurturing and caring for those they lead?
In this keynote, Tony Schwartz, President & CEO of The Energy Project, will share key findings from The Energy Project’s collaborative study with the Harvard Business Review. 
You will learn:

  • How leaders actions impact employee well-being, engagement, job satisfaction, retention, and trust
  • Why meeting employees’ four core needs is critical to sustaining employee engagement and high performance
  • The importance of shifting your investment in employees as workers to investing in them as human beings

Keynote Presenter

Tony Schwartz

Founder and CEO, The Energy Project and New York Times Best-Selling Author