Building a Culture of Innovation: It’s Not Rocket Science


Many senior executives cite innovation as an important driver of growth, but few organizations really achieve a Culture of Innovation.  While it requires focus, intention, and persistence, the specific strategies for leading and managing innovation can be applied in any organization.
NASA’s (National Aeronautics & Space Administration) unique mission consistently places the Agency among the Top 5 Best Places to Work in Government, but it took intentional efforts to put NASA in the #1 spot for the last five years.  To build a Culture of Innovation, NASA uses three key measures while focusing on six practices that every front-line leader can execute.  In 2015, the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas made the leap to be named the most innovative organization in government—the result of specific Senior Leadership challenges; supporting employees’ pursuit of new ideas; and new awards programs.
You will learn:

  • How NASA measures & manages its Culture of Innovation
  • Specific strategies to drive innovation in your organization
  • How Senior Leaders build, model, and sustain a Culture of Innovation

Keynote Presenter

Brady Pyle

Director of Human Resources at NASA, Johnson Space Center - Houston