Positive Leadership & Improved Engagement


Let’s break down the stigma associated with leaders being closed off and impenetrable. It’s okay for us to not be perfect. We are human beings. By expressing thoughts that matter, on issues that matter, we are in essence showing the truest expression of ourselves. Thus, we are leading naturally, which allows others to feel safe enough to follow and explore inward.

My passion is to inspire other leaders to empower and care for their employees. If you have been contemplating empowerment and care for your employees, just do it without delay. Leaders who don’t care about their employees need to do it, because the return on investment and real tangible results are incredible.

I would like to share the “Chain Reaction” secrets and the incredible power of gratitude with you and your company. Seemingly small changes will lead to a much higher rate of overall happiness. The difference will be striking.

You will learn:

  • A clear understanding of the link between individual well-being and engagement
  • Effective strategies to become a positive leader
  • The rewards of adopting a chain reaction lifestyle - the power of small changes

Keynote Presenter

John Stix

Co-Founder, Fibernetics Telecom