Creating Holistic and Sustainable Career Conversations that Engage and Mobilize


At the very moment we need fierce commitment and engagement from our workforce to achieve aggressive business goals.  We’re seeing top talent take flight with voluntary turnover rates steadily rising as the economy improves and opportunities open up. Research consistently shows that career development is a key driver of employee engagement, yet 70 percent of workers are not happy with the career opportunities offered by their employers. And more ominous, three in four full-time employees are open to or actively seeking new positions.
Unfortunately, there are few areas of talent management more overlooked than career and individual development planning. Often relegated as a check-the-box exercise, this strategic exercise not only helps your employees chart their career paths, but builds loyalty and ensures you have the capability to grow talent internally and drive growth. Neglecting individual development strikes at the heart of the talent management gap that exists in organizations today. Failure to address this will not only cost you talent, but will cost you productivity and growth.
This session tackles head on the problem of low engagement scores and lack of internal mobility and additionally explores why organizations can’t afford to use yesterday’s approach to career development.  We will also provide an inspiring vision for how organizations can leverage their own talent to fill key roles as one the biggest differentiators between organizations that will thrive and those that will fall behind.
You will learn:

  • How organizations can make career development holistic and sustainable so that it’s not a once-a-year event, but stays top-of-mind all year long
  • How to link career development to your performance management system and individual development plans
  • How to maximize your manager mojo so that managers are equipped to conduct productive career conversations and are supporting individuals’ career goals


Rex Backes

Director, Career Development & Competency Modeling, TIAA

Annamarie Lang

Senior Vice President, Employee Engagement Practice, Lee Hecht Harrison