Driving Engagement Through Innovation


In 2011, only 24% of firms on the U.S. Fortune 500 list existed 25 years earlier.  Survival rates will continue to decline almost exponentially amid the accelerated pace of today’s digital economy.  Research shows it’s likely that only about one-third of today’s major corporations will survive as significant businesses in the next quarter century. 
As a result, companies of all sizes must take disruptive measures to ensure they are attracting, cultivating, and retaining a highly competitive and motivated talent base.   Corporations today must constantly refresh and reinvent themselves to keep up with market changes.
In this keynote session, Alex Goryachev, Director of Cisco’s Innovation Strategy and Programs, will make the case that successful companies in the 21st century must have two key catalysts to survive:  a culture of innovation and a workforce that’s highly engaged.  He will demonstrate the cause-and-effect relationship of these essential and oftentimes disruptive catalysts for change:  How companywide innovation challenges can ignite, inspire, and engage employees around a common goal -- from entry level positions all the way to the C-Suite.
You will learn:

  • How to develop, communicate, and evaluate a companywide innovation challenge that inspires employees to team up across all functions, geographies, and titles
  • How to engage the CEO and other C-level executives across functions to champion and mentor best practices around the innovation challenge
  •  How to cultivate individual and team coaches that help contestants to develop customer-based solutions, collaborate in inclusive and diverse groups, set bold milestones – and have some fun together!

Keynote Presenter

Alex Goryachev

Head of Innovation Strategy and Programs, Cisco Corporate Strategic Innovation Group