Lessons: Fearless HR


There are a number of lessons pertaining to engagement, leadership, culture and accountability in Fearless HR, the best-selling, new book written by David Forman, based on many of his experiences with HCI since 2004. This session first describes the Fearless HR story and how the book evolved over a two year period of time.  The two major themes that emerged---HR must first confront its past before accelerating into the future and HR’s purpose must be directly linked to furthering business results—are directly relevant to this conference.  Next, Forman identifies four major insights that are often excluded in discussions about engagement, leadership and accountability:

  • The biggest unknown driver of engagement
  • Moving from engagement to collaboration as the next big thing
  • The most important developmental asset we have
  • The strongest form of lasting accountability

And finally, Forman will share three practical tools and templates that can enhance leadership, culture, and accountability within organizations.
You will learn:

  • The lessons from Fearless HR to improve employee engagement
  • Several overlooked keys to employee engagement that may not have been emphasized strongly enough
  • How to apply three practical tools that contribute toward both employee and organizational strength

Keynote Presenter

David Forman

HCI Faculty