“Designed By Us For Us” – Creating an Engaged Collective


Picture the scene - a workforce fresh out of a wholesale re-organization with a challenging agenda ahead. A reorganization that restructured 102 networks to 15 local clinical research networks and nine coordinating centers streamlined into one; a workforce change weary, disorientated, and disengaged.
Understanding our starting point in our quest to enable a fulfilling employee experience resulting in high levels of productivity is critical; as well as giving us a baseline to measure from going forward. Championing an inclusive two-way approach where everyone has a voice is pivotal.
We are shaping our new organization by breaking the mold of ‘command and control’ and enabling ‘collaborate and create’ where we are all engagement leaders.  This means role modeling a shift in the behaviors required to operate in an environment characterized by change and complexity.
Successful re-engagement is based on regaining the trust of the staff and collaboratively laying the foundation stones of the new organization upon which to build future success. All of this in the context of a geographically dispersed workforce.
Ways forward are being decided in an emergent, step-by-step and experimental way taking into consideration where we find ourselves at any given time. We are continually exploring how technology can drive greater collaboration and break down barriers.
You will learn:

  • How to create a sense of belonging and connectivity
  • Our approach to co-writing and embedding value driven behaviors
  • Why we put the individual at the heart of the solution

Keynote Presenter

Gillian Felton

Head of People Development, Engagement and Wellbeing, National Institute for Health Research