Driving Business Results Through Learning


In this session, Kimo Kippen, Chief Learning Officer with Hilton Worldwide, shares best practices in creating a learning environment and culture that connects business owners with employees through learning and innovation. Kippen will also talk about how to put the right technologies in place to support a thriving learning culture. From learning management systems to performance management systems to social channels, Kippen will tell you the best ways he's learned to connect learning with the people within your company. You will also learn how Hilton Worldwide has harnessed technology and new thinking to propel its learning function to achieve more.
You will learn:

  •     The award-winning recognition for mapping learning to business results
  •     Design of learning programs that have helped to shape community and industry
  •     How to measure results in performance by aligning learning with business needs
  •     How to use social channels to support and communicate the value of learning
  •     How to incorporate innovation into the fabric of the learning function

Keynote Presenter

Kimo Kippen

Chief Learning Officer and Global Ambassador, Hilton Worldwide