The Building Blocks of a Powerful Coaching Culture: How to Align Skills, Attitudes and Business Objectives to Transform Engagement and Results


There are good reasons why so many organizations are ditching traditional performance management systems. Not only are they dreaded by employees and managers alike, they haven’t been delivering the results needed—for the employee, the team or the overall business. To enhance performance as well as engage, inspire and build accountability, a culture of coaching and continuous feedback is now widely viewed as the smart path forward.
Is your organization ready for this transformation? Are your managers prepared to step up?
In this interactive session, you’ll discover the key factors of a thriving coaching culture and how to optimize your approach to make sure everyone gets the expected benefits. Beyond just making structural changes and setting up new responsibilities for managers, you’ll see why a successful coaching culture requires commitment from all stakeholders, a clear understanding of how behaviors and performance need to adapt to changing business requirements, and a mindset shift from directing and “fixing” to collaborating and building ownership.
Jacqui Cohen, Head of HR and Regional Operations at The Linde Group, will share her experiences developing ongoing group coaching for front-line and mid-level managers and one-to-one coaching for senior executives. Through a cohesive strategy encompassing training, leadership development and behavioral role modeling, Linde’s managers are not only engaging employees on a deeper level and helping them break through performance plateaus but also enhancing their own leadership, confidence and communication effectiveness.
In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify critical stakeholders and get commitment and buy-in across the organization for building a coaching culture
  • Implement a practical set of tools that managers and their employees can apply to enhance two-way communication and collaborative problem solving
  • Assess manager readiness and set expectations for accountability in applying new skills and behaviors
  • Articulate the value of coaching and continuous feedback focused on behavior change vs. traditional performance management systems as a more effective approach to improving employee engagement, retention and results


Jacqueline Cohen

HR Partner & Head of HR, Supply Chain Americas, The Linde Group

Steve deBree

Master Facilitator, Integrity Solutions