Creating a Transformational Executive Development Program that Grows Technical Talent


The Fortune 500, technology firms and advertising agencies have struggled to acquire talent who can succeed at the emerging “intersection roles” created by digital disruption: Organizations need smart creatives, data scientists, marketing technologists, and technically savvy marketers to help them communicate with customers in an always-on world. SapientNitro decided to grow our own talent by creating CMTO University -- an executive development program to grow marketing technologists at scale. You’ll hear about the lessons learned in building transformational development program, the impact created internally and for our employer brand, and a graduate’s view on how it changed not only his career, but his life. The lessons learned have value for anyone seeking to close talent gaps during strategic business shifts.
In this talk you’ll learn:

  • How to build a strategy-led business case for a talent program
  • How agile methods, leadership development practices, and start-up mindset were used to build the program, and how they’ve been applied to other programs since
  • How to redefine the role of executive sponsor for your programs to create sustainable mindset and behavioral shifts for your participants and leaders

Keynote Presenter

Julie Hiipakka

Director of Learning, SapientNitro