Curating & Innovating in a Global Environment


It’s not hard to be overwhelmed by the wealth of content and tools available today. The inability to find what we want in our moment of need isn’t only affecting us, but the larger business too, to the tune of $134 million and 11% time wasted every year.
The solution many leading organizations including MasterCard have discovered?  The art and science of content curation. Curation powers learning in a variety of ways that can help you find and reuse content that’s already available, versus spending time and resources creating new each time.  Join this session to master the new best practices in content curation.
You will learn:

  • How to make self-directed learning easy since people learn in all kinds of ways
  • How to save money and time by developing customized pathways versus building new each time
  • How to deliver both formal and informal learning experiences to engage 21st century learners


Jawanda Staber

Senior Director, Global Talent Development & Organizational Effectiveness, MasterCard

Patrick Marchand

Director of Client Success, Degreed