Building a Coaching Culture with Managers and Leaders


As annual performance management processes shift to frequent, development-focused conversations, business and HR leaders are recognizing the value of coaching. Organizations with strong coaching cultures value and invest in professional coach practitioners and managers/leaders using coaching skills in order to support employees at all levels in growing their skills, enhancing their value and reaching their professional goals.
When managers and leaders use coaching skills effectively, outcomes include increased employee engagement and satisfaction, enhanced customer satisfaction, improved goal attainment, and cost reduction. However, the dearth of appropriate training and development opportunities for managers/leaders using coaching skills can hinder the growth of a strong coaching culture. In this practitioner and researcher joint keynote presentation, Priscilla Gill, MBA, SPHR, PCC, Manager of Leadership and Organization Development for Mayo Clinic, and Jenna Filipkowski, PhD, Director of Research at HCI, share insights into leveraging managers and leaders to build a strong coaching culture in your organization.
You will learn:

  • How a leading healthcare organization, Mayo Clinic, enabled managers and leaders to use coaching skills effectively to meet their strategic goals.
  • How internal coach practitioners, external coach practitioners and managers/leaders using coaching skills can be used in tandem to build strong coaching cultures.
  • What training and development opportunities are available to managers/leaders using coaching skills, and how these opportunities may evolve


Priscilla Gill, MBA, SPHR, PCC

Leadership and Organization Development, Mayo Clinic

Jenna N. Filipkowski, Ph.D.

Head of Research, Human Capital Institute (HCI)