Careers in Motion: Where do YOU want to go?


The landscape of career development has changed significantly in recent years. The traditional career ladder that focuses on advancement, set career paths, and managers driving employee development is no longer consistent with today’s business realities. Flatter, agile organizations make career paths less defined and technology advancements enable greater flexibility in how we work.
Furthermore, employees are taking ownership of their career and thinking more about what they want. As they explore different job opportunities aligned with their passion, works style, and career interests, many are seeing that there are different ways to get where they want to go. Careers paths are now more like subway maps than ladders.
This session will highlight the following MITRE programs.

  • MITRE CLEAR Conversations™ – A new approach to performance management that facilitates partnerships between supervisors, work leaders and employees via ongoing conversations to set expectations, provide feedback, and support employee development. These frequent conversations enhance employee performance which improves MITRE’s ability to deliver transformational solutions and system engineering excellence to our sponsors.
  • Career Insight – An internal program that provides all MITRE employees with career assessment tools and confidential individualized career coaching to help employees gain selfawareness about their strengths and career aspirations, develop their personal vision of career success, learn about future business needs, and take charge of managing their career. Gallup research reveals that employees who leverage their strengths in their careers are six times more engaged in their jobs, 7.8% more productive and three times more likely to report a higher quality of life*. Career Insight coaches help employees understand how to leverage their strengths for higher performance, impact and career satisfaction. This program also supports MITRE’s strategic workforce planning goals by facilitating employee skill development to meet future business and sponsor requirements.

Join us to discuss how companies can create a culture of career ownership and growth that improves employee engagement and career satisfaction.
Using MITRE as a case study, you will learn:

  • An innovative approach to performance management that establishes a growth-based culture by shifting the focus of conversations from assessment to development.
  • How to inspire employees to take ownership of their career and create career partnerships increasing employee engagement and improving workforce planning.
  • The power of strengths based development in creating high performing teams and an engaged workforce.


Lisa Gold

Career Services Manager, The MITRE Corporation