Continuous Learning Enables a Competitive Advantage


If there is one thing leaders should understand, it is when people development is done right, it is a major competitive advantage. In the fierce battle for talent in the market place, it is paramount for any leader to understand the importance of people development, when attracting and retaining top talent. Forget the annual assessment of performance and competency gaps and join the movement towards continuous development dialogue with solid competency profiles as your guiding tool. This session will focus on how to secure a competency framework that actively supports the business strategy, how corporate learning functions can make a real difference with a 70:20:10 learning approach, and how to create a learning culture where it is more important to measure behavioral change than ROI.
This is how a middle-sized IT company leading its industry is doing it!
You will learn:

  • How to link competencies to the business strategy
  • Why functional and behavioral competencies are foundational for any organization
  • Continuous training and learning through the 70:20:10 learning principles
  • Using competency profiles as a dialogue tool for development talks
  • Why big data in a small company matters
  • Why measure ROI, when you can focus on what really matters

Keynote Presenter

Claus Høvelt

Director of Corporate Learning, SimCorp