Neuroscience In Leadership: Using Cognitive Techniques to Navigate Teams Through Change


Let’s look at today’s work environment.  With the introduction of technology, the work place has changed and continues to change at a fast pace.  Many senior leaders recognize that they have to keep up in order to stay competitive.  In theory, this concept may be clear.  Human Resource departments can work with managers to influence the organization’s environment through transforming its culture, values, systems and processes BUT what about the people?
Historically, the training and development field has focused on how the behavioral sciences influence an individual’s performance.  However, recent studies have highlighted how the cognitive sciences can shape the manner in which an employee may alter the thought process around a particular topic. 
You will learn:

  • How to compare and contrast behavioral and cognitive techniques for change management programs.
  • How cognitive psychology can assist us with improving performance and leadership in the workplace. 
  • How neuroscience techniques can be utilized to assist leaders and teams with change management issues. 


Wanda Curlee Ph.D.

Associate Professor, School of Business, American Public University System