Build a High Performing Organization through Feedback & Recognition


A strong partnership between HR and the business can have a major impact on the overall employee experience. With today’s highly global, disparate and diverse workforces, it is more important than ever to empower employees and managers to ultimately drive greater engagement and performance.
During this session, Cheryl Johnson will discuss the challenges of creating consistent employee experiences for Echo's highly distributed, largely millennial workforce and the role of its cutting-edge program that ties together social recognition, collaboration, leadership development and the constructive use of employee (and customer) feedback.
You will learn:

  • Reinforce the company’s promise, purpose and values.
  • Track tangible goals to measure success, including its ability to reduce turnover, increase brand loyalty and provide ways for employees to improve and grow.
  • Appeal to Millennials while not alienating other generations.
  • Fit seamlessly into employees’ everyday tasks without creating extra work.


​Cheryl Johnson​

Senior Vice President of Talent, Echo Global Logistics