A Culture of #RealTalk: How Hudl is Winning the Feedforward Game


Performance management is one of the most broken and hated processes in businesses today. It’s out-of-style, ineffective, and everybody loses. Who’s winning? Athletes. As a sports and tech company that provides coaches and athletes video analysis tools, Hudl understands the value of reviewing and improving performance in real time.
Adam Parrish and Mark Ketcham discuss the radical shift from performance management to performance motivation. You will hear from the HR side, as well as the end-user side, how Hudl is empowering both team leaders and members to provide ongoing #RealTalk, improve performance, and win.
You will learn:

  • How to assess your organization’s current performance management process and evaluate its weaknesses.
  • How to develop an ongoing performance motivation process in your organizations that will blend multiple employee feedback activities, including 360 feedback, one-on-one meetings, and employee recognition.
  • How to navigate implementing a new performance process and avoid mistakes in gaining buy-in from end users.


​Mark Ketcham

Vice President of Operations, Hudl

Adam Parrish (PHR, SHRM-CP)

Head of HR, Hudl