Transforming Performance Management: Best Practices for Keeping Employees Engaged


Performance management is in the midst of a revolution. The companies leading this charge are achieving this in two ways: ditching annual evaluations in favor of ongoing manager–employee dialogue and handling each individual staff member with a distinct style that best suits their needs.

Join us for this lively, eye-opening discussion to find new ways your organization can transform and improve performance management to enhance employee performance and drive company-wide business value. Moderated by Dr. Steve Hunt from SAP SuccessFactors and featuring Susan Hampton from The Hershey Company and Shawn Richardson from TranSystems, the panel will share tips and lessons learned on how to develop effective methods for communicating goals, provide ongoing coaching, and reward employee contributions.

You will learn:

  • Design a performance management process that empowers employees and managers to get the most value from it
  • Instill a culture of ongoing manager–employee dialogue and continuous feedback and coaching
  • Focus on employee differentiation and effective ways to gain accurate insight into employee contributions
  • Harness the power of technology to transform performance management and better meet the needs of employees, managers, and HR leaders
  • Influence a range of talent development decisions with continuous performance management


Dr. Steven Hunt

Senior Vice President, SAP SuccessFactors


Susan Hampton

Sr. Director, Enterprise Talent Management, The Hershey Company

Shawn Richardson

Assistant Vice President of HR, TranSystems Engineering Firm