Integrating Engagement and Performance Insights to Understand Employee Motivation


Engagement and performance insights must be understood alongside each other. To help unlock someone’s potential, we need to understand what currently motivates them and how well those motivators are being met. This is the first step to ensuring the subsequent performance conversation has any chance of positive effect. We also need to have performance conversations with our staff in order for them to better see the outcomes of their motivation. We need to hold the mirror up for them — but not draw their portrait. Big bold statement: Coupling engagement and performance is the key to making performance management work. Tools and teams that embrace this will be better equipped to foster high performance cultures.
You will learn:

  • Why and how to couple engagement and performance
  • How to help managers foster a more engaged, higher performing team
  • How to create a positive impact on the overall company objectives and culture


David Hanrahan

Vice President of People Operations, Zendesk