Getting D&I Unstuck: Evolving the Inclusive Ecosystem


D&I programs need to evolve from a risk-mitigation approach to a market-driven approach. Organizations must evolve to remain relevant and competitive in the communities, the workplace and the marketplace. In the workplace, D&I needs to be redefined and rebuilt into an all-in, full contact, participatory endeavor. This keynote will include strategies and examples of how all parts of an organization can be mobilized to create positive and meaningful results.
In this keynote, you will learn:

  • How to re-activate, re-invent and revitalize your ecosystem to champion diversity and model inclusivity.
  • How to integrate an D&I strategy into the DNA of a company.
  • Which behavioral practices will drive an ecosystem of accountability.


Damu McCoy

Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Target Corporation

Vidula Bal

VP Learning & Development, Target Corporation

Caroline Wanga

VP of Diversity & Inclusion, Target Corporation