How Does it Feel to Work Here? Defining and Delivering a Differentiated Employee Experience


What does it feel like to work in your organization?   How people feel is far more powerful than what they think.  Great organizations create a differentiated work experience that builds an emotional connection with their employees, driving loyalty, engagement and positive business outcomes.   It starts with a clear definition of the differentiated employment experience they seek to create and then leverages the entire people tool kit – process, tools, technologies, communication and culture - to bring it to life.   In this interactive, hands-on session, you will learn and explore the application of these principles, resulting in a detailed action plan for you to apply back in your own organization:
You will learn:

  • How to leverage the power of emotional connection at work
  • How to define a compelling, differentiated employment brand
  • How to Build interconnected systems, symbols, and stories to create an engaging experience
  • How to use social media and other innovative communication strategies
  • How to create accountability for the leaders’ role
  • How to measure and celebrate success

Presenter and Facilitator

Michelle M. Crosby, Ph.D.

Formerly, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, FRHI Hotels & Resorts