Ten Steps to Building Sustainable Employee Engagement


The old way of treating people at work has failed.  Two decades of employee engagement measurement puts America at only 30% engaged – a figure that has barely improved since records began. But some of the world’s best companies have been quietly doing things differently. Their stock market returns are twice the general market and their voluntary staff turnover is half. These companies are disrupting markets and beating their competition.
Learn their secrets and discover The Engagement Bridge™ model, a proven 10-step model you can use to build bottom line value through sustainable employee engagement.  This successful tool was developed from working with thousands of leading companies worldwide on their own employee engagement journeys and highlights the areas that leaders need to examine in order to build a highly engaged company culture and provide a framework for success.
The workshop will be packed with tips, tools and real-life examples from employers including NASDAQ, Unilever, IBM, KPMG, 3M, and McDonald’s to help you start doing this not tomorrow, but today.
You will learn:

  • The key factors that drive engagement, how they work together, and where your organization can start impacting them today
  • What the world’s most rebellious companies have done to break the rules of traditional HR and improve engagement
  • How to implement a proven 10-step model to boost productivity, innovation and better decision making
  • How employee engagement helps companies perform


Debra Corey

Global Head of Engagement, Reward Gateway