Coaching Managers for High-Performance – Begins with β€œMe”


During this session, we will explore what is needed to be a good coach, what companies need to create a good coaching environment along with why organizational change makes coaching even more difficult and what you can do about it. We will explore some programs and tools that could be used to make a coaching program more successful. We will examine the critical role that leaders play in ensuring coaching is something that is valued when driving towards high-performance.
You will learn:

  • Be exposed to programs that assist in driving towards High Performance
  • Learn about a simple tool that you can offer to your organization (run by you) to deepen a sense of self-awareness and team
  • Discuss some foundational requirements in coaching managers for High-Performance
  • Explore “Conversations of connectivity not conflict” and why they matter so much during transformation
  • Get a one page summary that will guide you through the Change Management process as you lead your organization to a higher level of delivering desired customer outcomes.  


Andrew Cole

Chief Organizational Development & HR Officer, Vertiv Co.