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Great leaders rise to the top, but many need development and training along the way. You can foster a leadership culture with strategies that support accountability, high performance, and leadership competencies. Understand the most important leadership priorities focus on how to connect performance back to business results, and discover ways to drive employee engagement through leadership strategy.

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Featured in Leadership Strategy:


Is Relationship Friction Causing Operational Friction in Your Organization?

Blog | Author: David Lee | Source: HCI | Published: February 5, 2016

While answering email on Outlook, I got a popup asking if I wanted to proceed with archiving my old emails. I hit “Yes” with some reservation. Previously when I opted for this while trying to work, it slowed my use of Outlook down to a crawl and significantly reduced the speed of other programs, which caused my productivity to slow down as well.

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Abundance Mindset: Overcoming Culture Erosion to Create Safe & Healthy Workplaces - Part 4 of 4

Blog | Author: Lexy Thompson | Source: HCI | Published: January 28, 2016

In Part 1 of this series we introduced the concept of an Abundance Mindset and the three different types of work environments: Abundance Based, Uncivil, and Abusive. Part 2 addressed the “Why bother?” and how to start detecting scarcity thinking. In Part 3, we focused on individual based solutions, and now we are ready to move into organizational culture solutions. 

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Leadership Agility in a Matrix Organization

Blog | Author: Nick Horney | Source: HCI | Published: January 18, 2016

The very thought of matrix structures makes some people sigh and roll their eyes. There’s no question that matrix organizations can be challenging to navigate. But with a good dose of leadership agility, you can make a matrix succeed.

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The HR Mindset That Wins Friends and Influences CEOs

Blog | Author: Benjamin Baran | Source: HCI | Published: January 15, 2016

During a recent conversation I had with a senior executive, I brought up some of my efforts to promote strategic thinking and using data to guide decision-making among human resources (HR) professionals. She nodded in agreement, but then she interrupted. “You know, there’s one thing I hate about our HR department,” she said.“They think like gate keepers, when they should be thinking like service providers.”

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