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Robert Caro's Lessons From Lyndon B. Johnson About How To Lead In A Crisis

Article: Source: Fast Company | Published: May 21, 2012

Since 1982, historian Robert Caro has been chronicling the life of the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson. The first three volumes of the Years of Lyndon Johnson series were met with wide acclaim.
The third volume, Master of the Senate, won the Pulitzer Prize in 2003. Now, Caro has released volume four: The Passage of Power, which focuses on Johnson in the immediate aftermath of the Kennedy assassination in November 1963. Fast Company recently spoke with Caro, who said that one of the best ways to understand leadership is to observe leaders “during their most intense struggles, when they have to use every resource available."

Are We Asking The Right Questions?

Article: Source: Boston.com | Published: May 21, 2012

On a recent Friday morning, a classroom of teenagers at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School broke up into small groups and spent an hour not answering questions about Albert Camus’s “The Plague.” It wasn’t that the students were shy, or bored, or that they hadn’t done the reading. They were following instructions: Ask as many questions as they could, and answer none of them.

Deloitte University— What were they thinking?

Article: Author: Allison Rossett | Source: Allison Rossett Blog | Published: May 3, 2012

When I heard that Deloitte had purchased more than one hundred acres to construct a leader development facility in Dallas, I was stunned. What were they thinking?
Then I heard that, in the midst of the great recession, they intended to spend as much as three hundred million dollars in constructing their center. What were they thinking?

The World's Best Companies for Leadership

Article: Author: Susan Adams | Source: Forbes | Published: May 3, 2012

Which businesses most expect their employees to step up and lead, and best prepare them to do so? Those questions are tough to answer, of course. But for the last seven years, the Philadelphia-based global human resources management consultancy Hay Group has taken a stab at rating companies according to leadership measures. 

Physician Leadership- A Model for a New Generation

Article: Published: April 30, 2012

Years ago, General Motors (GM) launched a marketing campaign to attract new buyers to an old concept: the Cadillac. Declining sales led GM to update its classic model to appeal to new and younger car owners. Like the Cadillac, the concept of leadership in family medicine is in need of a makeover to suit a new generation of leaders. Traditional notions of leadership were espoused at a time when the majority of physician leaders were male, the doctor-patient model was patriarchal and life balance was defined as one early afternoon tee-time, never mind the countless sleepless nights and missed family dinners.
Today, shifting demographics and values require new models of leadership.

Memo to Leaders: Stop Talking and Start Listening! Four Tips for Building Trust

Article: Source: Blanchard Leader Chat | Published: April 26, 2012

It’s easy for leaders to fall into the trap of thinking they need to have the answer to every problem or situation that arises. After all, that’s in a leader’s job description, right? 

8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses

Article: Source: Inc. | Published: April 25, 2012

The best managers have a fundamentally different understanding of workplace, company, and team dynamics. See what they get right.

My Colleague, My Paymaster

Article: Author: RACHEL EMMA SILVERMAN | Source: Wall Street Journal | Published: April 16, 2012

Who's really effective at the office?
To get a handle on that question, a handful of bosses are taking decision-making power out of the executive suite and asking employees to help identify—and reward—talent by experimenting with internal markets in which workers "invest" in co-workers' performance and ideas.
Coffee & Power, a San Francisco odd-jobs start-up, granted each of its 15 full- and part-time employees 1,200 stock options this past January, to distribute among co-workers in whatever way they chose. A worker can plunk all his options onto one colleague or split them among the group, so individual bonuses are tied to how co-workers perceive each other's work.

10 Career Tips I Learned from Willy Wonka

Article: Source: Global Knowledge | Published: April 10, 2012

It doesn't take pure imagination to realize that when it comes to your career, inspiration may come from the least likely of places. It also doesn't seem possible that four decades ago "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" hit the silver screen. Growing up, it was one of the few movies I always made sure to watch whenever it was on TV. I'm sure I wasn't alone.
The movie features a cast of wise, worldly folks, including good ol' Grandpa Joe, Bill the candy store owner, and Charlie's teacher Mr. Turkentine, although between Grandpa Joe's general lack of get-up-and-go most days, Bill's lack of career advancement, and Mr. Turkentine's lack of patience, especially when calculating difficult percentages, they may not be great candidates for job advice.

3 Reasons to Master the Art of Storytelling

Article: Source: Inc. | Published: April 9, 2012

Most entrepreneurs don't realize the art of storytelling can help you succeed in the start-up world.
Storytelling is a timeless human tradition. Before the written word, people would memorize elaborate stories full of morals that shaped cultures for generations. 

IGNITE BRILLIANCE in your leadership

Article: Source: Vistage | Published: April 9, 2012

As you’ve heard me say many times, Smart Leaders Know Things. Brilliant Leaders Question What They Know.
And question you did. We received many questions in response to my Fridays with Vistage webinar on leadership.  Below are my responses to the first three inquiries, and I hope others will contribute their perspectives and insights as well.

Long To-Do List? Make a Not-Right-Now List

Article: Source: Inc. | Published: April 9, 2012

In today’s digital age, it's hard to focus. But the Not-Right-Now list can help you get things done.
Most people operate with To-Do lists. If you're like me, it seems as though that To-Do list never ends and you never check everything off of it.

Happiness Drives Business Results? Not So Fast…

Article: Source: Talent Management | Published: April 9, 2012

If you are a college football fan, you are familiar with ESPN Gameday, the live show filmed before big games. It’s like a traveling circus rolling from campus to campus. Excitement reaches a fever pitch as game time nears, with thousands of students in strange costumes and inconsistent levels of sobriety gathering around the stage of the hosts. The hosts have some routine shtick. Near kickoff, one of them, Kirk Herbstreit, delivers a serious thesis about who will win the game and why. It is always well-reasoned and founded on solid theory and observation of practice sessions. Then his partner Lee Corso responds with a refrain familiar to viewers: “Not so fast, my friend.” 

An Offer You Can't Refuse: Leadership Lessons From "The Godfather"

Article: Source: Fast Company | Published: April 4, 2012

What does a real-life CEO have in common with the central figures of a fictitious Mafia crime family in The Godfather? According to Justin Moore, CEO and founder of Axcient, plenty. 

Are you a Manager or a Leader?

Article: Source: TransLeadership | Published: April 3, 2012

I’ve been reflecting about the folks that I have worked for in the past.  In doing so, I created two categories within which they had a tendency to fall:  manager and leader.  Of course, none of them were simply one or the other.  In truth, they each fell somewhere on the manager – leader continuum, but for the sake of discussion, I offer the following distinctions:

Why Parents Make Awesome Managers

Article: Source: The Wall Street Journal | Published: April 2, 2012

At the South by Southwest Interactive conference earlier this month, I went to a fun panel called “Moms vs. Management: Parents Make Awesome Managers,” featuring top managers/parents from Google, Pixar, SAP and Hot Studio, a design firm.

Decoded: 5 Business Leadership Lessons from Jay-Z

Article: Source: Talent Culture | Published: March 29, 2012

While on vacation recently, I thought I’d do some light reading by the pool… break away from work and business books and read some fun pop culture stuff. So I Kindled Jay-Z’s book, “Decoded.” I was expecting to learn about the stories behind his lyrics, his life, and some of the causes he’s been involved in. I didn’t expect the innovative writing, video integration, and graphic style of the book. I love “Decoded,” which turns out to have a lot of relevance to business. There’s no doubt that Jay-Z is a smart businessperson — he’s come a long way and been extremely successful, so I shouldn’t be surprised. So here are 5 great business leadership lessons from Jay-Z:

The Hands-Off Manager: When You Let Go, You Actually Take Control

Article: Source: TLNT | Published: March 29, 2012

In everyone’s life at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the human spirit. — Albert Schweitzer
Most management activity today is what was alluded to by the Peter Drucker quote at the beginning of this book. Managers make it difficult for their people. They unknowingly kill, or at least diminish, the human spirit by their old-school micro managing and critical judgments.