Strategic Workforce Planning

Identify the talent you need to accomplish your business goals

With effective workforce planning and workforce management, you will be able to identify the talent you need to have in place to accomplish your immediate and long-term strategies. Prioritize strategic roles, benchmark your HR planning and workforce data against industry norms, analyze gaps in your current workforce capability, and use predictive modeling to identify the talent and skills you'll need to accomplish business goals.​

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) Certification

Forecast and plan the workforce your organization will need to succeed in the future.

Learn the skills required to integrate quantitative measures such as headcount planning and workforce analytics into a qualitative decision framework that can inform and transform organizational strategy.

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Redesigning Leadership and Learning at Work

September 24, 2015 | Lisa Jackson

As organizations welcome higher percentages of freelancers and Millennials into the workforce, they must redesign operations and organizational structures accordingly. This requires a new way of developing and engaging employees, while embracing ...

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Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow’s Workforce

September 8, 2015 | Randi Kenney | HCI

Both senior executive leaders and HR leaders know that it’s time for human resources to go break the old mold. Gone are the days when the bulk of HR’s responsibility lay in filling open positions and conducting new-hire orientations. Over the past 12 years, labor costs have increased nearly 40%. The workforce is becoming increasingly complex. Four generations, each with differing needs and values, are working together. Nearly 1/3 of the workforce is contingent and that number continues to grow. Jobs will exist tomorrow that did not exist today.


Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Strategic Workforce Planning

September 4, 2015 | Prashanie Dharmadasa, Director of Strategic Insights, WilsonHCG

Strategic workforce planning has a variety of meanings to organisations. With the evolution of the talent agenda due to constant business change, shifting consumer behaviours and digital transformation, acquiring the best talent is more important ...

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More Than 100 Days: The Realistic Analytics Journey

August 4, 2015 | Tracey Smith | HCI

A recent report from the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute, “Starting the Workforce Analytics Journey: The First 100 Days,” detailed a 10 step process of how to take 100 days to set up an analytics-enabled HR function. In reality, it’s how to take 100 days to plan your Workforce Analytics Journey.

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Choosing the Right Analytics for a True Workforce Advantage

June 10, 2015 | Ron Hetrick

When it comes to workforce planning, many metrics such as cost of attrition and time-to-fill have lost their attractiveness. Metrics like labor costs and unwanted turnover have taken center stage. As benchmarking becomes increasingly important, companies need to review the metrics they originally deemed insignificant and look at them through a new competitive advantage lens. Metrics do not go out of style--people just forget why they are important. The key is to integrate the right analytics for every role in their organization.

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) Certification

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In an economy driven by innovation, disruption and constant change, strategic workforce planning is a crucial competency for HR professionals seeking to align workforce strategy with overarching business goals.

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Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) Certification

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Master strategic workforce planning, the most sought-after skill in talent management today.

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