Andrea Procaccino: Technology-Enabled Collaborative Learning Programs


Presented by:

Andrea Procaccino, Global Head of Learning & Development for Avon Products, Inc.


This session will explore how one large corporation is using various innovative

technologies and social media to enable collaborative learning long after the classroom

training or eLearning module has been completed.  When faced with the challenge of

training a geographically and generationally diverse sales force, the Learning Function

needs to ensure that there is collaborative peer to peer learning happening after the

learning event.  The use of virtual 3D, mobile and social media technologies have been

used to create a long-acting, comprehensive activation of collaborative learning that will

help to successfully change behaviors for increased performance.


In this session, we will:

•  Explore how virtual 3D and mobile training technologies can be used to not only

innovate learning but increase learner collaboration.

•  Explain how social media can be integrated into a learning program for ongoing


•  Explore a case study where one corporation has taken to activate collaborative learning

from multiple angles.