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How businesses can best harness the power of social networks has been widely debated over the last couple of years

Not all solutions provide the collaborative environment and cohesive experience needed for effective enterprise use. The right solutions have platform extensibility and the tools and expertise to implement, grow and maintain a vigorous community.

AN ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORK differs from consumer platforms such as Facebook in that it creates secure online communities for employees and business partners to work better together. The messages, progress reports, questions and answers that users post (sometimes with links or attach­ments), become part of a real-time stream of information providing a continuous view of what is going on in the company now. In addition to improved productivity, enterprise social tools can increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Eighty-one percent of the employees surveyed in Globoforce's Workforce Mood Tracker™ Spring 2012 report say recognition makes them more satisfied with their work and/or position in the company, up from 73 percent in fall 2011.

This last statement seems out of context for the first paragraph. We would have to add something about recognition to the initial paragraph — so maybe something like I have added above.

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