HCI Corporate Membership

Features and Benefits:

Mobile, On-Demand Content Library

With an HCI Corporate Membership, clients receive company-wide access to HCI’s entire content library comprised of more than 3,000 multi-media case studies, interviews, tools and templates. This premium content provides insights from companies like Google, Best Buy, QUALCOMM, Target, Pfizer, Deloitte, BASF, Intuit, the IMF, Fast Company, MGM, Gallup, Zappos and General Mills to name just a few.


Events and Training

Corporate Members enjoy complimentary access to exclusive Corporate Membership Events & Training opportunities* as well as HCI’s public offerings:

Virtual Briefings*:
HCI Corporate Members gain access to up to quarterly Virtual Briefings that occur over the course of their year-long membership. Virtual Briefings consist of hour-long virtual presentations given by senior HCI Faculty highlighting HCI’s newest and most compelling content (keynote videos, interviews, solution suites, etc.) and connecting that content to Corporate Member Organization’s most burning human capital issues.

Peer-to-Peer Roundtable Sessions*:
Each Corporate Membership comes with complimentary Roundtable passes which can be used at any of HCI’s four Conference-based Roundtable Sessions. Roundtable attendance is restricted to HCI Corporate Members, and provides an intimate opportunity for seasoned human capital practitioners and leaders to participate in peer-to-peer best-practice sharing, problem-solving and networking. Each Roundtable session is facilitated by senior HCI Faculty.

HCI Conferences and Summits attract the most progressive executives in human capital, talent and line management. They deliver cutting-edge thought leadership, new research and case studies filled with innovation and new ideas that drive the market. Each year, seven of these conferences are held throughout the US and are focused on the most important strategic talent management topics of our time:


HCI Corporate Members receive complimentary conference passes across the length of the membership.

Open-Enrollment Classes:
HCI Open-Enrollment courses provide the rigor and intellectual challenge of strategic concepts, along with the systemic knowledge and tools for immediate practical action. We offer five open-enrollment courses on the following topics:


HCI Corporate Members receive complimentary open-enrollment course passes across the length of the membership.

Preferred Pricing on HCI Products:
Finally, all HCI Corporate Members enjoy 20% savings on every additional HCI class and conference pass that is purchased. In a typical organization, savings are substantial.

Customized Portal:

Corporate Members receive a company-branded customized portal which enables individual members of the organization to have a customized experience with HCI’s website and content library. Each portal includes the following elements:

  • Featured Premium Content Aligned to Your Core Organizational Initiatives
  • Popular Content with your Colleagues
  • Upcoming Events & Classes
  • Colleague attendance at HCI Events & Classes
  • Tools and Resources for HCI’s Corporate Membership

Dedicated Account Management and Services

Account Management:

Every HCI Corporate Membership client is assigned a dedicated support team whose sole job is to understand the strategic and operational priorities of each group and map HCI’s wealth of resources to the highest priority objectives.

Administrator Portal:

Corporate Membership Clients receive an administrative portal that provides analytics and tools to best manage the relationship and investment. Key elements of this portal include:

  • Downloadable reports with information on total members, activity levels across members, certification and course attendance, conference and webcast attendance, and quarterly ROI
  • Dashboards with highlights regarding newest members, most active members, and most popular content
  • Ability to push/feature HCI content to team members