2012 Engagement and Retention Conference

Meet Our Presenters

John Foster

Head of Talent and Organization at Hulu

Lisa Bisaccia

Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for CVS Caremark

Darcy Antonellis

President of Technical Operations at Warner Bros. Entertainment

Tim Bridges

Director of Knowledge Management for The Boeing Company

Mark Austin

Vice President, Organization Development at Warner Bros. Entertainment

Lori Emerick

Director, Diversity & Inclusion, NIKE, Inc.

David Yudis

Formerly VP, Enterprise Executive Development, The Walt Disney Company

Dr. Steven Kowalski

Executive Talent Development for Genentech, Inc.

Rebecca Pomering

Chief Executive Officer of Moss Adams Wealth Advisors

Tammy Young

Managing Director, Human Resources at Moss Adams Wealth Advisors

Nancy Turner

Global Director of Talent Development at NIKE, Inc.

Deary Paul Duffie

Director of Organization Development at Genentech, Inc.

Alicia Shankland

Chief Human Resource Officer for Razorfish & Digitas