Aman Alexander

Product Management Director, CEB is now Gartner

Aman Alexander is a Product Management Director at CEB, now part of Gartner. He manages the overall growth and strategic direction of CEB Sunstone Analytics, including guiding the direction of new product development, overseeing the core product and client advisor teams, and advising on high-level commercial/channel partnership discussions. 

Aman served as CEO and co-founder of Sunstone Analytics, an algorithmic assessment platform that leverages cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing technology. As CEO, Aman led Sunstone’s commercial and growth strategy, including bringing on Sunstone’s first Fortune 500 customers. Aman continued in this role until Sunstone’s acquisition by CEB in 2015.

Prior to founding Sunstone Analytics, Aman worked at Serent Capital, an operations-focused private equity firm backed by a leading LP base (Ziff, Getty, Rockefeller family offices, Harvard Mgmt. Co.). He also worked at McKinsey & Company out of its New York office, focusing on optimizing back-office operations.

Aman received his BS in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, with concentrations in Finance and Management. He graduate summa cum laude.

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