Armen Berjikly

Founder and CEO, Kanjoya

Mr. Armen Berjikly is an experienced technology entrepreneur dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and empathy. He currently serves as the founder and CEO of Kanjoya, a technology company dedicated to integrating human levels of understanding, including empathy and emotion, into software for employee and customer experience. Prior to Kanjoya, Armen founded Experience Project, a social media company that provides the largest network of people who share life experiences. Armen graduated with honors from Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science and MS in Management Science, where he remains actively involved as a frequent guest lecturer in the Business and Engineering schools. Berjikly is a regular contributor on the intersection of technology and emotion to national radio, television, print, and conferences, including giving a top 50 TEDx Talk called, "When Change is not a Choice."

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