Brett Richard, Ph.D

Senior Corporate HR & OD Strategist, Sasol North America

Dr. Brett Richard’s career encompasses Executive Management, HR Management/Development, and HR and OD consulting (both internal & external) within a variety of industries including industrial robotics, education, social service, state government, wealth management, utilities, petro-chemical, and other profit and non-profit industries. Past roles include HR Manager, Senior Analyst, Director of HR, Executive Director whereas he currently serves on the Corporate HR team for Sasol, an international integrated energy and chemical company that leverages the talent and expertise of more than 34 000 people working in 38 countries. In his current role he manages the US Mega Projects HR and OD function, and supports the North American Region, for a $21 billion world scale Chemical Cracker and Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) expansion in the US Gulf Coast.
Dr. Richard is also founder and managing director of Performyx Consulting, adjunct professor for the HR Management and Operations Department in the School of Business for Kaplan University, and serves on the board for the LSU College of Human Sciences and Education Peabody Society.
He holds several degrees including a degree in Plant Process Technology, Psychology, an MS in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and a PhD in Human Resource and Workforce Development with emphasis in Leadership and Organization Development. Further, he holds a certificate in Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) from Human Capital Institute and is completing the Master SWP designation.
Dr. Richard was awarded several performance awards such as the “Outstanding Professional Staff Award” from the Louisiana Community and Technical College System and the “Dr. Tierney Organizational Excellence Award” after helping an institution become recognized for organizational excellence.p>

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