Brian Lambert, Ph.D.

Director of Consulting, Oxygen

Brian helps sales, business unit leaders, HR leaders, and training teams implement, and optimize initiatives designed to align human behavior to changing business strategies. He specializes in dealing with the complexity found in driving transformational programs with client-facing, revenue-generating teams and works as an enablement architect -- deploying, and optimizing ongoing initiatives that help knowledge workers unlearn old habits while reinforcing new behaviors to efficiently and effectively execute changing go-to-market strategies. With experience across industries with a concentration in marketing and sales, Brian often operates at the friction points that exist between the business and learning functions as they work together to enable human capital across the enterprise -- especially at the point of sale where companies struggle to communicate value differently.

Brian has worked in the sales and learning field for over 15 years. As a highly sought after organizational learning consultant, speaker, and author, his background has a blend of learning and sales.  Some of his work includes but is not limited to helping clients:

  • Developing the right human capital strategy to support the changing business strategy
  • Creating a definition of excellence required for each of the key roles involved in communicating value
  • Communicating across product, marketing, and sales functions to work together to solve the complex challenges related to improving sales conversations
  • Enabling the recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding of new people that meet desired standards of excellence, no matter where they sit in the selling system
  • Developing current employees to evolve to desired standards of excellence more quickly, and creating, managing, and refining the reinforcement strategy to prevent lapses into old behaviors.

Brian currently leads the Oxygen Sales Enablement Practice, where he works with clients across multiple industries to drive sales performance by accelerating business initiatives. He’s also a quota carrying sales representative experience and a sales management experience, increasing the empathy that his team has for salespeople who must represent their brand to their clients. With an Air Force Officer background, Brian is able to provide a foundation of leadership training and teaming to help teams work together to pursue a common objective or goal.

Brian successfully launched the sales enablement community of practice at the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), a global association dedicated to workplace learning and performance, where he developed content, tools, and training programs for sales enablement professionals to use with their own teams.

Brian holds a PhD in organizational design and management with a concentration in sales and HR, providing him with the academic background to develop scientifically sound organizational strategies and methodologies.

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