Brian Ong

Director of People Ops Strategy and Effectiveness, Google

Brian Ong has been with Google for more than nine years. He leads the People Ops Strategy and Effectiveness team, managing People Operations' technology roadmap, internal communications, and key projects, while measuring the efficacy of the overall function. Prior to leading Strategy and Effectiveness, he led a People Analytics team focused on applying analytic insights across Google. He has prior experience at HSBC, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Capital One across a number of functions (HR, IT Strategy, Call Center Operations, and Ops Analysis). He received his MBA from Duke University (Fuqua) and has a BA in History and Business Economics from UCLA.

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Using People Analytics to Make Better Teams

March 6, 2018 | Brian Ong

The workplace starts with a culture that brings meaning to people of Google and their work, and that culture is reinforced with people-centered, data-driven decision making.

Google’s people analytics team has researched over the years ...

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Understanding the Employee at Google

Brian Ong, Head of Workforce Planning for the People Analytics Team at Google shares his experience as Google set out to find what the perfect mix is for compensation. Does cash outweigh future rewards or do employees want their money now?

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Case Studies by the Google People Analytics Team

February 15, 2012 | Brian Ong

Impeccable data and metrics coupled with reliable dashboards and technology all help to establish credibility, but the true effectiveness of an analytics group is based on its ability to change opinions and be influential. All people decisions at ...

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