Dave Weisbeck

Chief Strategy Officer, Visier, Inc.

Dave Weisbeck leads the overall solutions success and strategy at Visier. Dave is a seasoned software executive who has experience ranging from building development teams to growing multi-billion dollar businesses as a General Manager. Prior to joining Visier, Dave spent over 18 years in the information management and analytics industry, which included time spent helping to build Crystal Decisions and Business Objects products and product strategy. Most recently Dave was the Senior Vice President and General Manager responsible for Business Intelligence, Enterprise Information Management and Data Warehousing at SAP.

Dave has recently been appointed to the HR.com Advisory Board.

Content Featuring Dave Weisbeck


Workforce Intelligence: The Future of Talent Management

April 15, 2015 | Dave Weisbeck

Talent management is more than a buzzword--it's a critical part of most organizations' HR strategies. The demands placed today on talent management are greater than ever before, but it's more than just implementing new systems and processes. Learn to leverage Workforce Intelligence to improve business performance.


The “Datafication” of HR: Graduating from Metrics to Analytics

June 19, 2014 | Dave Weisbeck

The demands placed on HR are changing. In the era of data, you are increasingly asked for information your HRMS does not provide. This webcast will explore the “Datafication of HR,” and discuss how you can graduate from metrics to analytics, ramping up from operational reporting to strategic analytics and planning.