Deary Paul Duffie

Director of Organization Development at Genentech, Inc.

Deary Duffie leads the Organization Development function at Genentech a biotechnology company recently merged with Roche Pharmaceuticals in March 2009. He has made successful contributions in business initiatives in the areas of innovation, culture change, and employee engagement. He is actively involved in the company’s expansion into China and Asia Pacific region.
Deary’s work of over 25 years as Chief Learning Officer and Senior Human Resources executive at companies such as Charles Schwab Corporation, Levi Strauss and Company, and Hewlett-Packard allowed for international assignments in Brazil, Singapore, Belgium, and Italy. He enjoys work that brings together various cultures and perspectives to achieve strategic business outcomes.
Community service is an important aspect of his life. He is a board member of Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation. Pangaea’s mission is to advance the health and well being of people most affected by AIDS. Pangaea has partnerships in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, China, and the United States. 
He received his BA degree from University of California, Riverside and his MBA degree from the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley.

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