Deb Tenenbaum

Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer, YapStone

Since 2015, Debra Tenenbaum has led Yapstone’s global human resources and facilities functions. Her success in cultural initiatives and transformational change to enable and engage our Yapsters around the world has earned her the recognition as one of PaymentSource’s 2019 Most Influential Women in Payments. Debra has over 20 years of business leadership, human resources, and executive coaching experience, including leading Netscape, SGI, and a number of other high-growth tech companies through corporate acquisitions and IPOs. Most recently she served as the Chief Learning Officer and Chief of Staff at Epicor software, where she focused on cultivating management and employee development through effective business communications and leadership. Debra received a Masters degree in HROD from the University of San Francisco and a BA degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Upcoming Conference Sessions Featuring Deb Tenenbaum


Unpacking the “New Diversity:” A Multi-Generational Workplace

As global HR leaders and numerous studies will tell you, the cornerstone to building the strongest team is building the most diverse team – one that runs the spectrum of personal experiences and perspectives. Yet, contrary to popular belief, diversity isn’t solely about hiring a variety of ethnicities and cultures – it’s about age, too.

In 2018, we have five generations working in the same offices, each with their own views about what makes a great team member. Naturally, each generation has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the workplace and it’s very human for one generation to criticize another for what they perceive to be the other’s weakness. However, if we take a closer view, we can learn that each generation brings a very valuable perspective and set of skills to the table.

In this session, YapStone’s Chief People Officer, Deb Tenenbaum, will explore the multi-generational workplace and how forward-thinking ...

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