Debbie Irving

Executive Partner, Integrity Solutions

Debbie Irving is a highly accomplished professional with demonstrated
expertise in behavior change related to sales, service, and leadership.
Not merely theoretical, her professional counsel is derived from 20+
years of practical application and insights as a business professional.
As an astute observer of people, processes, and practices, Debbie is
able to quickly identify opportunities for organizational improvement.
Debbie transitioned to a licensed Channel Partner of Integrity
Solutions® after a highly successful banking career. In various
corporate roles, she created and managed an award winning Service
Quality department, and developed a 24-hour teleservices and sales
unit. Her departing success in the banking industry was cultivating a
highly successful retail sales and service culture that resulted in an
annual sales increase exceeding $32.5 million dollars.
As a champion of Integrity Solutions® programs, Debbie has worked
with organizations in a diverse range of sizes and industries to
increase sales, profits, productivity, and employee retention. One client
experienced a consistent 50% increase in sales revenue.
Debbie brings a well-rounded perspective - understanding employee,
customer, and management viewpoints. This perspective contributes
to her win-win approach and ultimately better result for all parties
involved. Individuals at all levels of organizations have embraced her
engaging style and positive approach.
Debbie is a master certified facilitator of world-class training solutions
including Integrity Selling®, Integrity Selling for Service Professionals®,
Integrity Service®, The Member Advantage®, Integrity Coaching®,
Managing Goal Achievement®, and QBQ! “Question Behind the