Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick

Senior Consultant, Kirkpatrick Partners

Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick is the Senior Consultant for Kirkpatrick Partners. He is a thought leader in training evaluation and the creator of the New World Kirkpatrick Model.

Using his 15 years of experience in the corporate world, including eight years as a training manager, Jim trains and consults for corporate, government, military and humanitarian organizations around the world. He is passionate about assisting learning professionals in redefining themselves as strategic business partners to become a viable force in the workplace.

Jim delivers lively keynote addresses and conducts workshops on topics including maximizing business results, creating powerful training and evaluation strategies, building and leveraging business partnerships and increasing the transfer of learning to on-the-job behaviors.

Jim co-authored three books with his father, Don Kirkpatrick, the creator of the Kirkpatrick Model. He also has written three books with his wife, Wendy, including Training on Trial. Jim and Wendy also served as the subject matter experts for the United States Office of Personnel Management’s Training Evaluation Field Guide: Demonstrating the Value of Training at Every Level.

Read more about Kirkpatrick Partners at kirkpatrickpartners.com.

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