Elizabeth Collins

Manager of Career Start, Suffolk Construction

Liz Collins is the Manager of Suffolk Construction’s Career Start Program, which is designed to train and develop young, talented professionals through the company’s main operational areas over a two-year rotational period. In this role, Liz focuses on building relationships with universities across the country and educating their students about the program in an effort to attract the brightest new talent to Suffolk. She oversees the interview and hiring process for each Career Start on a national level, tracks and monitors the progress of each participant to ensure the best possible experience, and coordinates with project executives to manage all Career Start rotations in project management, field operations and estimating. Toward the end of the program, Liz provides guidance for each Career Start to choose and pursue permanent positions in the company that will prepare them for a successful career in construction.

Prior to her Career Start position, Liz worked across a variety of departments and functions at Suffolk including the company’s marketing department and corporate engagement and community outreach programs. Liz graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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