Janice Weiss

Director of Recognition and Engagement Marketing, Macy’s Inc.

Janice has a unique background that combines over fifteen years of Consumer Product Management & Marketing experience in Fortune 100 companies such as Procter and Gamble and Bristol Myers Squibb, with new product branding consultancy work at Marco Polo Explorers.  She began her career with a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania (’85) but “fed” her entrepreneurial spirit by abandoning the law and founding the Yucky Cookie company, selling “home-grown” fruit and vegetable-based cookies throughout Manhattan.  For the past four years, she has worked in Human Resources at Macy’s in Cincinnati, leading HR policies and focusing on internal marketing opportunities designed to enhance engagement.  From developing an animated on-line Associate Handbook with Maggie the avatar to introducing the first-ever national Macy’s “Make Magic Six” award program tied to a storytelling nomination site, she has channeled her spirit for innovation into creating a community of everyday magic.

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