Jean-Philippe Mula

Vice President Quality, Learning & Development, Charter Communications

Jean-Phillippe Mula has over 15 years of experience in applying design and data principles to business change through learning. Experienced in Six Sigma, Quality, and Operations, Mr. Mula has a passion for leading structured transformations. He was responsible for Support Effectiveness within LinkedIn’s Global Customer Operations team, leading programs to empower 700+ representatives to provide superior customer engagement. In leadership positions at Microsoft, he ran decision support for their multimedia platforms. Currently at Charter, he led the vision to elevate the L&D function through Charter’s merger of TimeWarner Cable and BrightHouse Networks, to deliver agile, adaptive learning services through a new operating model.

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The Role of L&D as the Orchestrator of the Learning Journey

The game is changing for L&D Leaders. As more businesses shift their strategies to improve their engagement with customers, there is pressure on L&D to integrate and innovate toward greater business impact.  

As VP of Learning & Quality Services at Charter Communications, JP Mula had this very challenge to overcome, as Charter merged with Time Warner Cable and BrightHouse Networks to form a new Fortune 100 company. The resulting new Customer Operations division was comprised of people from different cultures and different business processes, and JP’s remit was to transform his L&D function from an order taker of random acts of training, to an orchestrator of learning journeys for Charter’s agents and reps.  

How to accomplish this incredibly complex task? Learn how JP: 

Approached his stakeholders with a problem-solving stance, rather than asking them what they needed;  
Gained the credibility and rapport to position his ...

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